S2E17 - Reflections on Season 2

S2E13 – How Functional Medicine can Play a Role in the Fertility Journey w/ Bertha

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In this engaging podcast episode, Bertha, a Single Mother by Choice and functional medicine practitioner, shared her inspiring journey to motherhood and the intersection of functional medicine with fertility, menopause, and overall health. Bertha emphasized the importance of addressing root causes in functional medicine, offering valuable insights into optimizing the body for fertility and the impact of stress on well-being. The conversation expanded to preventative care, encapsulated in the NEWSTART principles, covering nutrition, exercise, water intake, sunlight exposure, temperance, air, rest, and trust. Bertha highlighted the therapeutic benefits of gardening and the importance of sunscreen in skincare. This episode seamlessly weaves personal narrative, expert insights, and practical tips, providing a holistic exploration of Bertha’s journey and the vital role of functional medicine in well-being.

To find out more about Bertha’s Functional Medicine Practice visit:

Holistic Doctors I Aesthetics Services I Specialty Labs (optimalhealing4u.com)

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