S1E3 - (Part 2) On Why Self-Care Should be a Priority w/ Tanielle Brew

S1E3 – (Part 2) On Why Self-Care Should be a Priority w/ Tanielle Brew

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In this episode, Aisha and Tanielle continue their conversation as they delve into the topic of the impact of trauma on the body and its potential generational effects. Trauma has a unique impact on the body of a pregnant person and possibly the offspring. They discuss the increased cortisol levels that happen after a traumatic event and how it could affect the endocrine system, puberty, development in the womb, and delivery. They cover recent studies that show the stress of the pandemic is causing children to go through puberty earlier across race groups.

Ultimately investing in healing practices has benefits for mothers, future mothers, and their offspring.


View the video of this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/HpQ9xoj_kWg

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Website and mailing list www.brewwellnesscollective.com

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/brewwellnesscollective/

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YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/@brewwellnesscollective

You may also find this related blog post informative:  https://starttofinishmotherhood.com/news-blog/taking-care-of-yourself-as-a-single-mother-by-choice

Aisha references this episode (from her previous podcast series) Parenting the Child in Front of You

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