S3E9: What's it Like Navigating Infertility as a Black OBGYN w/ Dr. Maya

S3E9: What’s it Like Navigating Infertility as a Black OBGYN w/ Dr. Maya

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Aisha sits down with Dr. Maya, a dynamic fertility strategist, coach, and pediatrician, as she shares her compelling journey through the fertility ecosystem. From dealing with personal fertility challenges to advocating for maternal health, Dr. Maya opens up about the misconceptions surrounding single working Black women, her decision to preserve fertility, the intricacies of assisted reproduction, and her transition into a leading fertility coach. Tune in to hear about her experiences with egg freezing, IVF, and navigating the dating scene—all while empowering other women and birthing people along the way. Don’t miss her invaluable advice on embracing transparency, breaking down barriers, and fostering a supportive community.

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