Challenging the Assumption that Single Mothers by Choice Hate Men

S3E7 – *Rebroadcast* On Challenging the Assumption that Single Mothers by Choice Hate Men w/ Clinton

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This is a rebroadcast of the Bonus Episode from season 1…

In anticipation of Father’s Day, Aisha Jenkins challenges the assumption that Single Mothers by Choice harbor resentment towards men. Her lens is shaped by her own positive experiences with her step-father and close relationships with brothers and friends who actively participate in her children’s lives.

Aisha’s guest, Clinton Johnson, joins the conversation as one of those trusted male friends. They discuss their collaborative work and exchange insights on navigating single parenthood. Clinton shares his experiences from two decades ago, allowing for a comparison with Aisha’s current journey. The discussion delves into the stereotypes surrounding single parenthood and how these perceptions impact various aspects of life, from education to the workplace.

Together, Aisha and Clinton challenge societal norms and shed light on the diverse experiences of single parents.

Clinton Johnson along with Aisha and others are founders of NorthStar of GIS an organization focused on increasing representation and inclusion in geostem fields.

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