S3E3 - What's it Like Parenting as an Expat

S3E3 – What’s it Like Parenting as an Expat

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Join Aisha in this super sized and enlightening episode which delves into the vibrant lives of expat single mothers. Through an engaging panel discussion, they explore the unique challenges and joys of parenting abroad, from the decision to move for a fresh start to the day-to-day experiences that shape their new lives in Mexico. Our panelists, including Key, Johna, and Pam, share their heartfelt stories and practical advice on navigating life away from the U.S., touching on topics like racism, community building, and the pursuit of a peaceful, fulfilling life for their children. Tune in to be inspired by these brave women who took the leap into expat motherhood, seeking a better quality of life and a community outside the US.


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