S3E2 - *Rebroadcast* On A Mother's Legacy w/ Dawn Wright

S3E2 – *Rebroadcast* On A Mother’s Legacy w/ Dawn Wright

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*This is a rebroadcast of the Season 2 Mother’s day Episode*

In this podcast episode, Aisha and Dawn discuss Dawn’s life and career. Dawn is a chief scientist, keynote speaker, and author who became the first Black person to go to the deepest part of the ocean. Aisha and Dawn discuss the struggles of being the only Black person in their respective workplaces and the importance of diversity and representation. They also talk about the impact of Dawn’s mother on her life and career, and how her mother’s words of encouragement have stayed with her throughout her life. Additionally, they touch on Dawn’s experiences growing up in Hawaii, her work as an ocean-going science technician, and her pursuit of a PhD at UC Santa Barbara, which led her to discover her passion for GIS. Overall, the podcast is a heartfelt conversation about the challenges of navigating academia and science as a person of color, the importance of mentorship, and the impact of supportive parenting.

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