S2E17 - Reflections on Season 2

S2E7 – How Lack of Margin Impacts My Parenting

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In this episode, Aisha delves into the crucial concept of creating “margin” in our lives. She discusses how margin refers to making space for unexpected but predictable occurrences like flat tires, sick children, or personal health issues. Aisha shares her approach to balancing social commitments and self-care, especially as a single mother. She reflects on how stress can affect her and, in turn, her children, and offers insights into managing her mood and boundaries to alleviate stress. Aisha’s candid and relatable discussion provides valuable tips for parents striving to create balance and margin in their lives, ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling parenting journey.

This is an updated article of the one that is mentioned in the episode: Busyness & The Lack of Margin in Our Lives – Appreciation at Work

Journal can be found here.


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