S2E17 - Reflections on Season 2

S2E4 – How I’m Living My Best Life Childfree w/ Dr.Kris Marsh and Rahmah

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In this episode Aisha has a conversation with Dr. Kris Marsh and Rahmah Wims about choice, societal norms, and living as part of the “Love Jones Cohort.” Dr. Marsh’s book, “The Love Jones Cohort: Single and Living Alone in the Black Middle Class,” explores the experiences of Black individuals who have chosen to remain single and live alone. The discussion delves into their experience, the backlash they’ve faced for their choices, societal messaging around Black women’s life choices, and how these choices are perceived differently at various stages of life. The guests emphasize the importance of respecting diverse life paths and encourage asking questions about why people make the choices they do.

Purchase Dr. Marsh’s book here:

Find out More about Dr. Kris Marsh: www.drkrismarsh.com

The Embodied podcast that Dr. Marsh and Aisha appeared on discussing being Single by Choice

More on Rahmah’s Journey: S1E9 – On Ending the SMC Journey and Moving on w/ Rahmah


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