S2E17 - Reflections on Season 2

S2E3 – How to Build a Village from Family Members

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In this insightful episode, Aisha discusses the crucial topic of building a “Single Mother by Choice” village, addressing questions many in this community often have. The episode delves into the complexities of selecting and nurturing a support network, focusing on building a community from family members (later episodes will focus on building community from co-workers and from the larger SMC community). Aisha emphasizes the importance of honest self-assessment and thorough vetting of potential village members, highlighting key considerations such as values, communication, kindness, and consistency. Drawing from personal experiences, Aisha provides valuable guidance for single mothers by choice, urging them to be intentional about who they invite into their lives and their children’s lives. This episode serves as a thoughtful and practical resource for those embarking on the journey of single motherhood by choice and hoping to build a village.

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