S2E17 - Reflections on Season 2

S2E10 – How I Adopted my Child at Birth w/ Joy

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In this heartwarming episode, we delve into Joy’s Single Mother by Choice journey, which took her through the ups and downs of adoption. Aisha highlights the importance of resilience during the path to parenthood, emphasizing that becoming a single mother by choice is indeed a journey. Joy shares her adoption experience, from creating an adoption profile to navigating the process with consultants and agencies. She discusses her motivation to adopt, emphasizing the need for self-advocacy and staying in the driver’s seat. Joy also encourages seeking support from therapists and online communities like the Melanated Single Mothers by Choice Facebook group. She mentions valuable resources like the “We Adopt Too” granting agency for families of color pursuing adoption. It’s a conversation filled with wisdom and inspiration for anyone on their own Single Mother by Choice journey.

Joy’s Story: Journey to Motherhood: Adopting as a Single Black Woman – Ebony

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