S1E10 - (Part 1) On Planning for a Summer Abroad w/ Jas

S1E10 – On Planning for a Summer Abroad w/ Jas

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In this episode, Aisha and her guest, Jas (aka @blackexpatmom on IG), mom to a school age child who does summers abroad, discuss how to plan a summer sabbatical with children. Aisha has always loved traveling and is now ready to plan her first family sabbatical with her two daughters, who will be five and ten when they take the trip. Aisha shares how she joined Facebook groups to find accountability partners and is now excited to start planning her trip next summer. Jas shares her experience of taking sabbaticals with her daughter and how she has managed to travel for extended periods while working remotely. She explains how she strategically uses credit card hacking and point systems to reduce costs.  They also discuss the first steps Aisha can take to plan her sabbatical, such as determining her budget and identifying travel destinations. Aisha plans to invite Jas back on future episodes to continue her travel planning.  We hope you consider following Aisha and Jas as they plan an epic sabbatical.

View the video on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/uBuLCjrPcII

Jas can be found on Instagram and TikTok:


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